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Daily Chronicle - Wednesday August 03, 2010


Jacob Marx report:
From the 2010 National Scout Jamboree


“Everything I needed to learn in life, I learned in scouting.”

Mike Rowe said this in the beginning of his speech at the “Shining Light across America” arena show at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree on July 31. This week has been packed with many exciting events and activities, such as press conferences with Major General Arthur Bartell and author James Patterson and an arena show featuring Mike Rowe and the band Switchfoot.

On July 28, I attended a press conference featuring Major General Arthur Bartell, Commander of the Cadet Command of the United States Army. General Bartell became an Eagle Scout in 1969 and said his favorite merit badges were the Camping and Citizenship in the Nation. Bartell also said that his favorite year in scouting was the year after he became an Eagle Scout, because he moved to Asia with his dad, also a career Army officer, and attended the 13th World Jamboree in Japan on the base of Mount Fuji.

On July 30, renowned author James Patterson had a press conference about writing and reading. During the conference, Patterson said that the reason he writes books for boys is to get more boys interested in reading, and summed it up by saying “If you don’t read well, you are at a serious disadvantage in life.” His next book, “Witch and Wizard”, is due out in December.

A star-studded show occurred July 31, during the “Shining Light across America” arena show. Some of the highlights of the night were a flyby of four F-16’s from the United States Air Force, skydivers from the U.S. Army Special Forces Black Daggers, a video from President Barack Obama, a speech from Discovery Channel Star Rowe, a concert by the band Switchfoot, and the largest fireworks display ever held on a United States military base. About 50,000 people attended the show and a lot more watched it online and from parties, like the one held in Times Square, New York.

When asked what their favorite part of the show was, Tyler Greenwood of DeKalb and John Beck of Sycamore both agreed the Switchfoot concert and the fireworks display were the best.

• Jacob Marx is 15 years old and attends DeKalb High School. He will be sending stories from the National Scout Jamboree during the next 10 days. Visit the Daily Chronicle’s blog The Fence Post at to read his reports


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