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Daily Chronicle - Saturday August 09, 2014 - Page C2

Excited Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 33 pose with their new equipment trailer. The purchase of the new trailer was made possible through a grant from the DeKalb County Community Foundation. (Photo provided)

Grant awarded to Boy Scout Troop 33

DEKALB Boy Scout Troop 33 of DeKalb received a $2,750 grant from the DeKalb County Community Foundation to assist with the purchase of a new equipment trailer. Purchasing the new equipment trailer was an important goal for the troop.

Im really excited about our new trailer. It can store and move a lot of equipment, which better supports our program. Im very grateful to the DeKalb County Community Foundation for the grant, Cliff Golden, Scoutmaster of Troop 33 said in a news release.

The new trailer might be seen at various locations in DeKalb where the Scouts work to support many community events throughout the year.

Climbing mountains, paddling lakes, biking across America, are just a few things that Scouts do. Troop 33 has also taken their Scouts long distances to work with disaster relief projects at flood, tornado, and hurricane sites far and wide.

The Boy Scout program works to instill within boys the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, with aims that include fitness, character, and citizenship. Those are things found in troop activities throughout the year, from the small weekend campouts to the large scale high adventure trips.

Boys work hard while having fun. They learn exciting new things as they experience each new adventure. Over the years their boys have traveled through 49 states and 19 foreign countries in search of adventure.

Boy Scout Troop 33 began serving the DeKalb area in 1925. Sponsored by First Lutheran Church in DeKalb, the troop's slogan is "Always an Adventure".

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